April 8, 2017

Mob Rules Review: Shadow War Armageddon Box game

Ramon and Ted finally get their hands on some Shadow Wars Armageddon.  Oh the lovely beast that it is.  First we get attacked by rabid nerds, then barely make it in bloody and beatten to the streaming table at Tier 1 Cards and Games (thank you Jean!).   Ramon is a serious Necromunda fan, so this was the natural evolution in his hobby.  The box is amazing! But then, we have to ask ourselves: would we be impressed with anything out of a Necromunda starvation or is the bar set really high due to expectations?  Well, I loathed the Michael Bay Transformers and seeing Episode I for the first time made me sell off my Star Wars action figure collection (I swear I am not really that much of a sensitive twat), so I would say the high expectations were met.  The terrain was amazing, so many details, super hardy, lots of options and a very high quality.  Though, really, if you are an Ork or Mechanicus player you might want to grab some extra sets just for conversions.  You are going to have a blast putting it together.

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