November 12, 2016

Mob Rules Blood Bowl Unboxing, rules and sprue review

OMG OMG OMG!  BLOOOOOOOOOOOOD FLARKIN’ BOWL!!!  Holy hairballs!  This is it, Tier 1 dropped the bomb on Ted (of Mob Rules) and Dave (of his couch and various community theatre), and those flarknards are getting a sneak peek into the future.

They go through the rules (but don’t quote them because Ted is notoriously wrong, ALWAYS! And Dave is even worse), go over the sprues (and they are beauts), the cards, the board, the women, oh wait, this copy of the game had woman repellent.  Oops.  They go over it all!  Bring your big ol eyeballs over to the play button and hook it up.  After that check out the podcast were we talk about games workshop all night long, baby.

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