Episode 23: Flier, F.A.Q.s and Nate plus some Pimp My Knight

Do you ever have that feeling that your game is a fraud?  I am not talking about the rules you and your mates play by, but you, yourself.  A lot of successful people feel that way, that, even though their novel has been on the New York Times best seller list that somehow people will find them out to be a fraud.  Now that the F.A.Q. has dropped we are all left with that self-reflection: “everything I thought I knew is wrong and I may not know my game.”  Hey guess what!  The answers are at hand and you will sure NOT discover them in Mob Rules Episode 23: The Search For More T-Shirt Sales!  Buuuuut we will talk a bit about the F.A.Q., a bit about fliers and whether or not Hasbro makes quality toys.

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Episode 9: Tau, Tau and more Tau on our Thanksgiving episode

Jon and Ted get ready for Thanksgiving with a visit from Nate.  October turns to Tauvember with a healthy dose of Tau seasoned with some Horus Heresy talk and the lads discuss what they are thankful for.  One badass British celebrity sent us a new ad but you have to wait till the end of the episode to find out who it is!  Set out a plate of biscuits and tea, snuggle up to the fire in your Ant Man Snuggie and get ready for Mob Rules Episode 9!