Secure the Weapon – Jon

July 22, 2016

Janis led his men across the wastes, the ground cleansed of life from a war too far in the past for this world to remember. The venerable dreadnought Kurtz, was a reassuring sight. Janis had fought with him before his entombment and Janis owed much to his old Sergeant.
It was Conrad who spotted it first. On the horizon, in the midst of the barren wasteland was a glimmering metal structure, a harsh contrast to the desolation around it.
“The signal leads to the structure brother captain, it looks to be a weapons emplacement.”
“A PLASMA OBLITERATOR!” bellowed Kurtz from his vox “WE MUST SECURE IT UNTIL THE MECHANICUS CAN VERIFY ITS SANCTITY.” his servos whining in anticipation.
“Patience Kurtz” warned Janis “Our goal is the Inquisitor. We will investigate the structure, secure the Inquisitor and when our quarry is safely off world then we will contact the Mechanicus.”
As one, the Imperial Fists moved towards the ancient relic. As they reached the hatch, Janis spotted a lone figure on the battlements, moving crates and talking to himself, the symbol of the Inquisition shining brightly from his armor. Janis lowered his weapon and approached the inquisitor.
“I am Captain Euron Janis of the Imperial Fists, and we have come to return you to Terra Inquisitor”
The Inquisitor ignored Janis and continued his fevered movements. Janis removed his helmet, irritated by the disrespect displayed.
“Inquisitor Xanders” Yelled Janis, sternly
Xanders dropped a crate and turned to face Janis,
“Captain Janis, while your offer is appreciated, i will not be returning to Terra today. The great enemy is here, and my work has not been completed. This planet is not safe.”

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