Episode 6: What if Horus won the war, how not to be a rules lawyer and who is Jeff the Custode?

Episode Six of Mob Rule is up! Ted and Jon welcome back the Glacial Geek Phil to the show to help us totally not infringe Marvel, DC AND Games Workshops I.P.

Did you ever contemplate what the Imperium wold look like if Horus had taken over? We found three distinct possibilities.  A more pressing question: how do you get dubbed a “Rues Lawyer” in your community and how do you shed that label?  It is not easy and could affect your love life, let us help you become less of a douche bag.

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Episode 5: Alaska Battle Brothers wrap up, new ads and a lot of eructation!

Now on iTunes! Episode 5 of Mob Rules is coming at you like an invisible deathstar! This time we talk to Danny McDevitt, a nationally ranked Warhammer Fantasy (R.I.P.) and one of the top 40k guys in Alaska…. He’s kind of a big deal.  We bring in Tier One’s Mr. Manager Andrew Di Roma to talk about his experiences at a recent gaming convention and play our new favorite game of “Rules Questions From the Internet”

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