Episode 71: Necrons and how to get ahead in the dating game. Not really. Just Necrons


In a galaxy far far away many millions of years in the… past?  the Necrontyr were birthed.  With an intense desire for Disco and coke the Necronotyr lived short but bright lives.  With a desire for more longevity they strode out to find meaning and zen but instead found mass amounts of dick heads bent on taking their coke money.  Now we have the Necron, so our story goes.

So put on that poncho that used to be the dog blanket you kept in the back of your hair-crusted Subaru, mix yourself up a tall tasty glass of various things you found in the freezer as well as some ginger and relax to the sultry tones of Mob Rules!


Episode 70: Sisters of Battle and a Custodes review

It is that time of the every-other-week again!  Mob Rules bringing the speaker noise to your ear holes.  How has it been this long without talking about the sister of battle?  Well, we are quickly plugging that gap in the dam.  Plug!  We also go into the custodes a little bit and talk about our favorite pasta… I think.  Maybe we didn’t  Oh well.  Either way, sooooo, go ahead and get that your favorite BBQ rib bib on from that vacation to years ago to see your cousin Hank in Alabama, mix yourself up a nice talk tasty glass of wheat grass smoothie and relax in the warm, nurturing sounds of Mob Rules.

Episode 69: Emperor’s Children, LVO and the War on Gray Plastic challenge results

Late nights and dirty minds bring us the 69th installment of Mob Rules.  Danny steps in for Jon as we hit up Studio D (or is it Studio A.5?) and talk about the dirty Emperor’s Children Legion/Chapter/Group/what ever.  But that is not all, what happens when you get packed into a room at LVO, you drink too much liquored up Slurpee and eat chicken wings, and who in the Hell is Nic?  So, take a moment, brush the popcorn crumbs off of your favorite dog blanket you use when you are too lazy to get a person blanket out of the closet, pour yourself a nice talk tasty glass of instant Hawaiian punch and bask in the melodic sounds of Mob Rules!

Episode 68: Obscure Space Marine Chapters and our own Yadda Yadda Marines


This aint no regular mainstream 40K podcast, this is an elite, no GMO, specially harvested on ethically maintained farm kinda hipster podcast.  Those other podcasts may want to shovel you artificial pesticides and mainstream chapter lore, but not us, we give you the obscure indy shit that nobody else talks about.  Thats right.  Feel like a boss when you start dropping names like the Space Sharks, Flame Hawks and Rainbow Warriors in casual conversation.

So put on your favorites pair of dark rimmed glasses, pour yourself a stein of your favorite micro brew and bask in the elitist sounds of Mob Rules!


Episode 67: the story of Slaanesh, motivational speaker for Chaos

Ever find youself really excited that your daughter aced her spelling challenge, and you remember that time when you did the same and a little twinge of pride warms your heart knowing that the two of you shared the same path, then out of nowhere your right peck burst into a boob (right right boob deflated into a peck)?  Yeah, stupid you!  That was Slaanesh.  So stop being proud of shit already, okay?  Well, this is the story of Slaanesh and his/her rise to super stardom. So slip into those pants you have been wearing every day because your pride and self image is pretty low these days, pour yourself a nice tall tasty glass of….. what ever, it doesn’t matter, and bask in the meh tones of Mob Rules!

Episode 66: 2017 wrap up with some 40K Christmas movie teasers

Have you ever been in the middle of the Christmas Carol and realized that this is really just the story of burgeoning primarch making their way in the world without their father’s guidance during the Christmas season?  Me neither, that would be weird.  But just in case you have we have a treat for you!  Three Christmas movies transformed into 40K lore, plus our favorite this and thats, what we have been up to and all the other reasons we bother to record our dulcet tones.  So get up, our yourself a nice tall tasty glass of honey bee extract in grass smoothie, put on your favorite dress that you bought that you only wear when nobody else is around to remind you of that time as a kid when your friends made you break into a dodgy strip club and you fell in love with the stripper on stage who wore one marginally like it but you want to recapture that sensation (What? No, YOU’RE weird!), sit back and delve into the occasionally historically accurate sounds of Mob Rules!

Episode 65: Ghost Warrior book report

Do you like people who like sandwiches?  Do you like people who like dead sandwiches?  Do you like people that like dead sandwiches that have feelings and talk to you about when your mom used to make her pancakes?  If so then this podcast is for you!  Eldar: Warhammer 40K’s sandwich eating elves are on a quest to talk to their dead moms through the portent of sandwiches as the quest for the perfect pumpkin pancake recipe.  But instead of that perfect pumpkin pancake they find their past!  But not really.  But kinda, but not really, but…. no, they do.  Who cares.  It is elves.  Dave and Jon delve deep into the Ghost Warrior book and spoil the shit out of it for you.  So put on that Guardians of the Galaxy T-Shirt you have had for years with that one crusty spot around your lower abdomin that doesn’t seem to come off no matter how many times you wash it, mix yourself a tall tasty glass of what ever frozen things are in the freezer, sit back and absorb the warm scandalous tones of Mob Rules!

Episode 64: Hives and Heroes


What do 80’s action heroes and Imperial Hives Cities have in common?  That is for you to decide.  See how nice we are?  You are empowered now to write your own answers.  We trust you.

This episode we delve into what it is like to live in a Hive city, the ins the outs and the unfortunate who gets turned into a toaster servitor.  Then, we get into a 1980’s action style 40K hero write up, taking vintage heroes and turning them into grim dark super heroes.  Do you have somebody in mind?

Lets get into it.  Put on your favorite indi-comic T-shirt from the 1990’s with the moth bite holes along the waste line, mix up a nice tall tasty smoothy with the left over apples from that pie you made a few weeks ago, sit back and bask in the warm sounds of Mob Rules!


Episode 63: Spoiler Central brings you the Carrion Throne book report


Who has time to read when social media needs to be updated 18 times a day, the kids need to be walked, the dog needs to do homework and the Raiders in the wasteland need to be murderized?  For those of us who wish they had the time but don’t, the Mob Rules crew brings you the Carrion Throne in it it’s entire glory, each twist of fate, each untold truth so you do not have to turn a page.  For those of you who have read it, this is your chance to relive your favorite moments with Crowl, Neva-Jeff, Spinoza and the whole Carrion Throne cast as we explore the story.

Put on your favorite Christmas sweater vest your old roomate made for you a few years ago, pour yourself a nice tall tasty glass of arguably expired Pumpkin flavored egg nog, sit back and titillate your mind with the enigmatic sounds of Mob Rules!