Episode 33: 40K Kill Team Blues

The boys are caught in the Kill Team storm that is sweeping the planet.  Pick your faction, train your fighters and throw down like the pasty nerds that we are in the paradigm shifting influence of KILL TEAM!  Or not.  Also included is a review of Black Library’s reprint of the Boom Comics mini-series: Exterminatus.  All this and a story about bunnys because we love you.  It is true.  And it is creepy.  Mostly just creepy.  So go pour yourself a nice tall tasty glass of Baja Blast, cozy up to your smart phone and listen to another seducing tale of 40k and romance, one that you will only find on Mob Rules!


Episode 32: Gamer’s Tail, BZU wrap up and a mystery guest on our second shortest episode ever!

It is that time of the every-other-week again!  Mob Rules hitting your ear holes like a drunken cat trying to get it on with a chalk board.  This go is short, we were tired after the Battle Zone Ursa convention, but still pulled it out for ya lads.  And ya know what?  We have a special homie for ya, well, two, but one of them spoke less.  He is famous, both in stories on our show as well as multiple (?) appearances on the Geisha Gleek.  BUT, you’ll have to download the podcast and decode the secret message in order to find out who it is.  Also we give you a wrap up of our Gamer’s Tail (ok, Tale of Gamers) event and get down with what we have been up to.  So go pour yourself a tall warm mug of hot apple cider, pull your office chair close to the stereo and bask in the personal love language of Mob Rules.


Episode 31: Andy Smillie did not join us to talk about Flesh Tearers!

Close your eyes and say the words “Flesh Tearers,” “Flesh Tearers.” Let the words roll over your tongue, let them flow through your body, allow the mantra to seep into your soul and bring you a deeper understanding of what it is to be the second son of Baal.  Now, open your eyes.  Don’t you feel much better?  What ever, guys.  We did this episode on the Flesh Tearers and it was rad.  The end.  Now download the episode, pour yourself a tall tasty glass of V8, pull up your favorite fart-stained bean bag chair and imbue your mind with the soul molesting sounds of Mob Rules.


Episode 30: Sitting around the campfire talking about Iron Hands.

Lets talk about Iron Hands baby, lets talk about you and me, hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm humidity hum hum I forgot the rest of the song.   This bit follow up the discussion of the Iron hands that started last episode with the Wrath of Iron book report, we go into some talk about what the inside of power armor smells like, what chapter is most likely to wear cardboard and tin foil, back around to what games we have been up to, a solid super plug for Iron Heart Artisans and all sorts of wiener jokes.  So get ready, mix up a nice tall glass of smoothie made from questionably safe fruits and yogurt that have been in the question way past their prime, put on your favorite blue Snuggie and tune in to Mob Rules!


Episode 29: Wrath of Iron book report with the Glacial Geek

One upon a time in a land far far away there was a mining town called, Shanendan, Shenandoah, Shepards Ferry, I don’t remember, it started with an Sh.  Anyway, it was a mining town, no wait it was a planet, yes, that was it, it was a planet.  The aristocracy was bored, bored of being bored, were feeling a bit randy, had already seen all there was to see on the internet, had all the parties were you put your car keys in a bowl and do the weird things and they felt that darling in mono-boobed crab claw strange would be a fun.  But then wouldn’t you know it, some tattle tail went and told the authorities and in the 41st millennium the authorities are sometimes super soldiers with two hearts, spit acid and fire rifles with mini missiles in them. And sometimes when the party gets so big and out of control those authorities call in the Collegia Titanica.  It was that kind of party. Amazing book, we hope you read it, but if that whole reading thing is not your thing we have the thing covered.  It is book review time on Mob Rules!!!!  This ep we cover the Wrath of Iron, a tale of all that stuff I previously mentioned plus a lot of dead guardsmen and some not-fully-dead Iron Hands.  Ohhhhhh it is  good one.  So get yourself a nice tasty mug of apple cider, pull up your favorite bean bag chair that permanently smells like farts and tune in to the whiling of Jon, Ted and Phil.


Episode 28: Scouts scouts and a review of Lost Patrol

Considering Lost Patrol but just really not sure?  It took a while but we pulled the trigger on this cult classic and have a review just for you.  No, really, it is just for you.  There is nobody else here, just you and I.  Not your grandma, not that guy on the bus that you always see talking to himself, or that neighbor that is always outside yelling at the dogs on the street or that lady who checks your produce and remembers when you were a kid but you do not remember her.  No, it is just you and me here talking and I have a special review of Lost Patrol just for you. 


The Beast of Indomina

image image


Jon here!


My buddy asked me to paint his Dimachaeron for him, and he wanted it painted just like the “Indominus Rex” from Jurrasic World.

Now,  as you can see, I took some… Artistic liberties… Thankfully, the changes went over well and he’s almost done.

Basing, final highlights and some more shiny varnish for the claws and he’s done.

Four Beer Stonecrushers

image image image image

Jon here, and I talked about these guys in Episode 16, but here they are in all their glory. Unboxed, washed, painted and assembled in one evening.  The basing isn’t done and I still have some highlights to do, but I got them tournament ready in time!

Next step: Get gud, fast.