Episode 84 – Japanese Translations and Realistic Expectations

In todays Mob Rules, Danny, Dave and Jon give away a subscription to Best Coast Pairings Subscription Service and take about having realistic expectations for upcoming releases.


Most importantly, to celebrate the international release of “Space Marine Heroes” the guys find out that direct Japanese to English translations can lead to some amazing new battle cries. For Bar! For the Brad Angels!


Episode 83 – More 40K Board Games and Three Flavors of Tournament

On this weeks Mob Rules, the guys imagine what other storied board game franchises could use a 40k license as we desperately attempt to make a buck from a quick rehash.

Elsewhere, Jon takes a 730 mile round trip to play outside his meta and comfort zone, Danny continues to dominate the local ITC scene and Dave tags along to a casual team tournament.  

All that and not much else, on a brand new Mob Rules