Episode 82 – The Plastic General and Dealing with Cheating

Cheating in 40k has been a hot button issue, and Mob Rules chooses to talk about ways to guarantee a fun game, and minimize a negative gaming atmosphere. 

Danny challenges Dave and Jon to make a thousand point list with a secret “ingredient”.  Is it a rip off of The Iron Chef? Probably, but Danny, Jon and Dave come up with three “amazing” lists.  Which is best? You decide. 

The Boys talk Kill Team and their future plans, before getting distracted with Croupiers.


Episode 80 – Kill Team Hype and 40k Q+A’s

Do you have some Q’s? Because the guys have some A’s.  Danny and Dave answer some burning 40k questions like “Can Space Marines Swim” and if a Paulius Blart, Mall Custode would be a successful movie franchise.

If thats not enough, we look at some of the Kill Team previews as the boys prepare to go hard into the game over the next few months