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  • Episode 130 – The Hollow Mountain April 4, 2020
    The boys gather over Skype to review Chris Wraight's Hollow Mountain, get on their soapboxes and promote their own agenda
  • Episode 129 – The Eagle Soars March 21, 2020
    Danny,  Dave and Jon join forces to find 40k Crap CentRE, We answer listener questions and the guys share their Iron Man GT experience
  • Episode 128 – Grey Knight Smite March 7, 2020
    Today the guys talk about their recent games and Jon touches on how he lost his cool during a game and what he learned from it. Our narrative Chaos Journey continues as the boys start the random army generation and we preview the members of the Rogue Trader Network of Podcasts.
  • Episode 127 – New Missions Same Morons February 22, 2020
    Danny, Dave and Jon are back to talk about the changes to the ITC for 2020… You've heard the best now hear the rest. The boys start a pallet cleansing narrative campaign by randomly generating their Warlords.
  • Episode 126 – View from the Bottom February 8, 2020
    Danny, Dave and Jon are back to talk all things LVO and their 4-2, 1-2 and 2-4 records respectively. The Long Wars Double recap and a brand new DAVE GAMES rounds out this new episode of Mob Rules!
  • Episode 125 – The Pre LVO Trash Talk January 22, 2020
    Danny, Dave and Jon join together to talk about the ultimate competitive event – LVO.  And Danny brought a FUN list to a tournament? 
  • Episiode 124 – Behind the Charity Hammer January 11, 2020
    Everyone is in one room again as Danny tells us the dirty tell all secrets from Charity Hammer
  • Episode 123 – Aloha Means Heretic December 28, 2019
    Danny is in Hawaii and joins the guys live to talk about the year that was. Dave and Jon build some models and all the guys realize it's only 30 days until LVO
  • Episode 122 – Week Old Hot Cakes December 14, 2019
    We gain a Danny and lose a Dave as Danny returns from his excursion to real America and Dave is on the injured reserve list. Danny shares his thoughts on Sisters, Tyranids, Blood Angels and Chapter Approved and Jon wants to talk about "Pro Gaming" and the Atlanta Open
  • Episode 121 – Getting Gud and Dave Games Live! November 30, 2019
    The guys are back…. Sort of as Dave and Jon talk about getting good and join our listeners to play a live DAVE GAMES