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  • Episode 151 – Colin Sherman January 9, 2021
    Colin joins Danny and Jon to talk about Charity Hammer, the Best In Faction podcast and weirdly enough, the Frasier from the television show Frasier.
  • Episode 150 – Innes and Outtes of 40k December 26, 2020
    Danny and Jon are back to expand their horizons as they're joined by Innes Wilson, current Captain of Team Scotland and Skull Altar Enthusiast to talk about the World Team Championship, Europe's Premiere 40k circuit. 
  • Episode 149 – App-deptus Custodes December 12, 2020
    Danny and Jon return with actual tactics! We bring on one of the worlds premier Custode players Andrew Bartosh from the nz40kabal podcast to talk about how Custodes play, shares a starter list as well as his own competitive juggernaut. The guys share their thoughts on the new Warhammer 40,000 app updates, the Blood Angel […]
  • Episode 148 – Happy JanksGiving November 28, 2020
    Danny and Jon return with a collection of our most requested segments! Jon dives back into his Jank Corner to talk about his new Chaos Daemons List, and our worst character ever returns! Will the Exiled one Skarbrand make it into the boys top five?
  • Episode 147 – Kill Team Roastus November 14, 2020
    Local Deathwatch Legend Kevin joins us to talk about the new Deathwatch codex and some great combos you can abuse. Jon takes the reigns and finishes off the roasts and some of these are BRUTAL
  • Episode 146 – Socially Roast-sponsible October 31, 2020
    Danny and Jon come together, remotely, to talk about Danny getting hot during a friendly game, our listeners roast us and we talk about the importance of mental health in gaming… It's pretty important.
  • Episode 144 – All Filler No Killer October 3, 2020
    Danny and Jon talk aimlessly for 90 minutes.  This time the extremely fun topics of mental health and well being, does Swarmlord make our top 5 worst characters and a special guest arrives in studio
  • Episode 143 – Yee Haw Hammer September 19, 2020
    Danny and Jon return with a new segment, 40KMZ, letting you know the latest drama in Comp 40k.  We also have a huge challenger to the title of worst character in 40k and Danny gets something off of his chest in a Gene Forged Soap Box
  • Episode 142 – BrandBot 40,000 September 5, 2020
    Danny and Jon heroically return to share with you the beauty found in Jon's Jank Corner… Can you win with Gellerpox Infected and what are the top strategies to maximize their Jank? Aun'Va joins our list of worst characters in 40k, but can he outrun Danny's punishing ranking of him in his mobility scooter? Danny […]
  • Episode 141 – Corporate Shills August 22, 2020
    Danny and Jon return with all your favorites! The worst character in 40k continues… who doesn't stay in the top 5? What do you do when you know you're not going to win? Our Patreons asked, we sort of answered.