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  • Episode 140 – Hybrid Theory August 8, 2020
    Danny and Jon are back to share their thoughts on the new and completely smooth launch of the Warhammer 40,000 app, recap their exciting Death Guard Vs. White Scars game, add to the list of the worst characters in Warhammer and list out what an HONEST GT Packet should include
  • Episode 139 – Chaotic Watermarks July 25, 2020
    Danny and Jon return with a bumper episode! We talk  about our 9th Edition experiences, set up our crusade campaign, layout how to win with Chaos Knights and read YOUR youtube comments!
  • Episode 138 – So Long and Thanks for All the Jank July 11, 2020
    Danny and Jon say goodbye to 8th edition in style as we remember our favorite 8th edition memories and welcome back THE GLACIAL GEEK to talk about all things 9th. Rounding out another amazing episode is our discussion into another terrible Warhammer character… is this character one of your favorites? 
  • Episode 137 – Through Primaris All Things Are Possible June 27, 2020
    Danny and Jon explore possibly the WORST of the WORST Characters in 40k, more 9th edition updates, we look at the new Primaris models and answer listener questions!
  • Episode 136 – Ode to Mortarion June 13, 2020
    Danny and Jon celebrate another terrible character and share some 8th Edition Memories
  • Episode 135 – Execute Order 66 May 30, 2020
    Danny and Jon record again as we share the newest news on 9th Edition, start our series of "40k's Worst Characters" and tell a certain YouTube personality to F Off.  
  • Episode 134 – Thank You Mistress May 23, 2020
    Danny and Jon are joined by the entire Rogue Trader Network to discuss all of the details from todays MASSIVE warhammer news!
  • Episode 133 – The Silent King May 16, 2020
    Danny and Jon return to discuss the incoming Necron release and answer a bunch of listener questions
  • Episode 132 – Gene Wrought Shaft May 2, 2020
    Danny, Dave and Jon talk about Danny's adventures in Tabletop Simulator before we're joined by BiFPod's Mitch Pelham so Dave can set the stage for our adventures in the new edition of Wrath and Glory!
  • Episode 131 – Astartes April 18, 2020
    Having never seen it before, Jon watches all five parts of Astartes with the boys. We also discuss the best game to poop too and Danny continues his quest to build every Sister of Battle model in America.